Grindr Gay chitchat for PC. Archives. Many of the documents with this directory get hexadecimal titles that appear to be hashes of some type

Grindr Gay chitchat for PC. Archives. Many of the documents with this directory get hexadecimal titles that appear to be hashes of some type

Grindr Gay chat for Personal Computer. Records

Checking Out Grindr’s Pic Cache

Right after I declare “photo hoard” What i’m saying is the place where Grindr packages images in your area so it doesn’t need to maintain redownloading every person’s pics constantly and consuming lots of needless bandwidth. Grindr caches both profile images and photographs received over chat communications. They both go fully into the exact same location. So when you have access to that destination, there are high res versions of all pics received over discussion and also have them on your personal computer. 🙂

Firstly, you’ll need a rooted droid technology for this, considering that the Android os OS generally isn’t going to allow software to find yourself in friends’s personal info folders. The main internet browser app was a file web browser that is root-aware (therefore it will encourage for root license at the time you attempt to open up a folder that usually it’s not possible to unsealed without core).

So, without even more ado, Grindr’s pic stash is positioned at . This folder could have lots of files, mine experienced 3,458 and core Browser obtained a long time to fill that folder. You can actually replicate they a place under and then find your own files from a PC like that. Ensure that the files are not owned by “root” if put forth the SD card character, or else you may find factors whenever being able to access them from your PC.

Many of the data inside directory have actually hexadecimal titles that seem to be hashes of some type, and so the name often are available couples, one with a “.0” document extension and the additional with a “.1”, as an example one i discovered to my telephone ended up being .

The “.0” document happens to be an ordinary phrases document, and quite a few of this “.1” data include JPEG shots. I use Linux, and my personal document browser automatically discovered the types of those records and proved thumbnail shots for your “.1” records. Hence, much of the time if you decide to rename among the “.1” documents having a “.jpg” extension you will learn the photographs under Microsoft windows.

Various .1 applications aren’t graphics though. Most are most text files, and I also peeked inside someone to discover what it has been:

These be seemingly the broadcasted pop-up communications indicated within the app sometimes.

Now, the other fascinating files are the ones by using the “.0” extensions. These be seemingly debug know-how, and they are essentially the whole HTTP inquire remove accustomed down load the “.1” file. Some tips about what the right one seemed like for our page visualize (in the case that the Grindr CDN url prevents functioning and you’re interested, it really is this picture):

If browsing through my stash folder Furthermore, i determine some photos that had beenn’t profile pictures, but happened to be sent over chat communications. These often seem like the whole determination for the unique photo delivered, in other words. certainly not thumbnails or such a thing. The “.0” data sounds similar to for a profile photograph, except the URL down loaded begins with “” and machine headers react with a “” (which in turn causes a web internet browser to grab the photo to drive versus demonstrating they into the browser).

A few of the “.1” data files are now empty (0 bytes), as well as their .0 files indicate that these will be the offer ads (asking for a URL from So that it looks like whatever system in Grindr is responsible for downloading photographs in addition sorta addresses downloading advertising ads, except it doesn’t in fact save yourself the advertising inside stash folder.

The final quite not-very-interesting file into the cache folder is referred to as “journal”, and it’s really a book file. By browsing the very first partners pipes, it looks a part of, a little bit of coffee rule which offers a rotating off-line stash. This possibly is the reason why, if Grindr’s hoard folder satisfies, it can immediately remove aged data to help place for new your, consequently it are able to keep the as a whole drive consumption manageable automatically. The magazine file seems to write the hash labels of the many additional data for the directory, and phrase like “CLEAN”, “DIRTY”, and “REMOVE”.


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Thus I suspect there would be absolutely no way to send software info between gadgets unless both are rooted? It will be good to shift speak records and pics- Grindr actually leaves a great deal become wanted 🙁

You are capable to shift among instruments. I experienced to regain it my cellphone (We leave the reason). Therefore I did a system copy and in those days I could to uncover the picture computer files from sim credit (actually some images from consumers that have clogged myself). We readjust my personal cell and linked they to my personal personal computer and halted the resync. I relocated the data files down over and your chatting background got maintained ( I did nevertheless reduce a couple of information that were provided for me during the interim. It actually was the single more tech savy thing We have ever managed to do but I don’t assume it has been that demanding.

Justin, exactly where precisely did you “find the photo files”?

we had like Trini Cruz after which merely replicate that data into brand new folder (on sdcard). after that hook up mobile to simple PC and rename .1 to .jpg and works:)

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