HIV-positive people could use ‘POZ functions’ to reduce risk of spread out of HIV, but additional health threats can be engaging

HIV-positive people could use ‘POZ functions’ to reduce risk of spread out of HIV, but additional health threats can be engaging

Gender events in which HIV-positive gay males meet for non-safe sex could help reduce steadily the spread out of HIV, but could include a risk of intimately transmitted attacks and superinfection with resistant stresses of HIV, relating to a pilot research executed in ny and posted when you look at the Oct release of Sexually sent problems.

Even though the learn are provided in calculated code, and is also careful to emphasize both possibly negative and positive health implications of sex activities regarding HIV-positive homosexual males, or a€?POZ partiesa€? as authors refer to them as, a news production through the editors regarding the record put a great deal more sensational code and resulted in alarmist statements for example a€?POZ parties spreading super stress of HIVa€? during the well-known push.

Events eg POZ activities may express an endeavor by HIV-positive homosexual people to choose intimate associates of the same HIV condition, alleged a€?serosortinga€?. Even though there has-been comprehensive studies into the sexual behaviour of homosexual males in recent years, very little known about gay intercourse activities. Thus professionals attempt to describe the personality of men whom sign up for POZ functions, her cause of doing so, the sorts of gender they involved with at this type of activities, their medicine incorporate at these events in addition to their sexual conduct beyond events which engaging more HIV-positive boys.



Choosing sexual couples of the identical HIV standing, or limiting condomless sex to couples of the identical HIV reputation. As a danger reduction technique, the drawback for HIV-negative people is because they are only able to be certain of their HIV condition when they past grabbed a test, whereas HIV-positive individuals could be self-confident they know their particular position

pilot research

Small-scale, basic study, executed to judge feasibility, opportunity, expense, negative events, and augment upon the appearance of a future full-scale scientific study.


Whenever someone already contaminated with HIV is actually subjected to yet another strain of HIV and becomes contaminated along with it as well as their own current trojan.


A variant characterised by a certain genotype.


Amyl, butyl or isobutyl nitrite, become leisurely medicines sniffed while having sex to both intensify the feeling and relax anal sphincter muscle.

Detectives questioned all in all, 115 boys at ten POZ party occasions in New York from inside the second half of 2003. A great deal of boys happened to be white (70per cent) and 97% said that that they had sex exclusively together with other males. The median time of HIV infection was actually ten years, although this ranged between 8 weeks and 20 years. Antiretroviral treatments was being taken by 69per cent of males while the normal years ended up being 42 decades. A sexually transmitted infection around just before attending the gender celebration was reported by a third of males.

Over a third of men mentioned that their unique main cause for participating in a POZ celebration is either a€?dona€™t need to worry about exposing my HIV statusa€? (35percent) or a€?like creating uninhibited or unrestricted sexa€? (35percent). Also, 15percent of men cited a€?dona€™t need to bother about infecting othersa€? as his or her major reason for going to case.

an earlier gender celebration regarding HIV-positive men were attended by 75percent of men, a lot of who asserted that they attended their unique basic these types of event between 2000-03, indicating that these occasions have gained in appeal lately. Men reported attending events in lot of north American towns and cities along with European countries.

Almost all of the people (88%) said that they’d dental intercourse with a minumum of one people at a POZ celebration, with 60per cent proclaiming that that they had exposed receptive anal sex (with more than three-quarters of the individuals obtaining climax) and 72per cent stating that that they had have unprotected insertive rectal intercourse at such an event (with 69% of those males proclaiming that they ejaculated inside their companion).

There seemed to be small evidence of medication usage at POZ party events. Despite recent concern in the us about methamphetamine and male erectile dysfunction medications fuelling intimate possibilities getting, the investigators learned that only 11% of males reported making use of any amphetamine and just 1percent of males said that they used Viagra before or throughout the party. Besides, the investigators noticed small proof of medicine utilize aside from poppers.

The investigators suck a number of inferences using their research. Firstly, the events they evaluated appear to be an endeavor at a€?serosortinga€?. Furthermore, medication incorporate is certainly not a principal feature among these occasions; and, finally, sex activities concerning HIV-positive gay men may possibly provide an as however unrealised chance of fitness publicity.

a€?POZ activities could potentially contribute to reductions from inside the spread out of HIV issues through the self-selection of HIV-positive intimate partnersa€?, consider the detectives. But the many benefits of these types of a€?serosortinga€? might be undermined of the spread out of intimately sent attacks and also the a€?diffusion of HIV superinfection, both among HIV-positive boys at POZ parties as well as their HIV-negative intercourse associates various other venues.a€?

Clatts MC et al. a surfacing HIV hazard planet: an initial epidemiological visibility of an MSM POZ party in new york. Intercourse Transm Infect 81: 373 a€“ 376, 2005.

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