Oh la-la Azzaro for females Spicy fragrance for females. Oh La La premiered in 1993.

Oh la-la Azzaro for females Spicy fragrance for females. Oh La La premiered in 1993.

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Perfume standing 4.02 regarding 5 with 345 ballots

Oh La La by Azzaro try an emerald Spicy fragrance for ladies. Oh La La premiered in 1993. Oh la-la was made by Gerard Anthony and Jacques Cavallier. Best notes were Musk Vodka, Peach, fig-leaf, Raspberry, Mandarin tangerine, Karo-Korund and Bergamot; middle records become Cinnamon, Ylang-Ylang, Narcissus, Osmanthus, orange-blossom, Jasmine and Yellow flower; base records is Sandalwood, tonka-bean, Amber, vanilla extract, Patchouli and Vetiver.

Leading records: fig musk vodka, mandarin tangerine, raspberry, peach, karo-korund bergamot

Middle records: orange blossom, cinnamon, osmanthus, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang narcissus

Base Notes: sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, patchouli, vanilla and vetiver.

I have maybe not discovered so many Azzaro fragrances. You will find usually liked the masterpiece this is certainly Azzaro # 9. But while this is not anything like 9 it is a lovely and exotic hot Oriental perfume. It has got countless uncommon what ensure it is tropical, amazing, but Asian in the wild. It’s hard for me to spell it out i am usually most detailed. They reminds myself of Hong-Kong in China. Its like a spice store near the Hong Kong harbor. Oh La La opens up with a boozy strange liquor. It is obviously vodka but along with citrus, fig, raspberry, peach and that exotic karo (the karo from the smelling in Avon miles away) it eventually ends up smelling like a really unique cocktail. It is tasty. And just what ways to start the scent. The same as it really is nickname oh la-la. The remainder aroma grows into a floral fragrance of osmanthus narcissus, jasmine and orange-blossom. They’re nice plants and spiced with a touch of cinnamon. Some posses also known as this really spicy but on myself it wasn’t too hot. It was nice. The raspberry and peach remained strong. The blooms weren’t also stronger often and I also manage like osmanthus and that I was grateful i possibly could smelling they within this. While the scent dries out down it is vanilla extract and patchouli emerald and sandalwood, all base notes I favor and that I’m in love with. This is exactly a tremendously beautiful breathtaking unique fragrance. I’ll put on this in Dubai in 14 days. I am not sure of any person wear this right now. Yay. Thanks Fragrantica.

This really is this type of an attractive cologne. Without knowing that I just have a small amount of this perfume and therefore I had planned to cut they for special events anyway, here is the one that my man wanted in my situation to reserve for him for unique intimate occasions. It pushes your insane. It is an intoxicating, sensuous aphrodisiac in a bottle. Therefore intricate, warm and spicy, sweet and creamy. Perfectly blended.

Thank-you Yohji the contrast to Soprani’s Strass. I’ll attempt to check that . If this container run off i’ll positively get on the look for things with the same type of sense as OhLaLa.

If I could baptize this unusual and beautiful thing www.datingmentor.org/escort/murfreesboro that, during my straightforward advice, is a good masterpiece signed by Loris Azzaro, i might give this lady title of . OH LA-LA!! Gerard Anthony and Jacques Cavallier were encouraged most likely euphoric when they created this fragrance.

Solutions we ponder exactly why do a review of something almost extinct . I regret without or 5 mls of my personal trademark fragrance flavor? You regret being concluded? No. No one should mourn those that understood your. We establish my self through this perfume, that has been not plumped for by me personally . I thanks released us to your in 1997, or whine . Almost like a lost adore, and that is inside memory space, Oh la-la are going to be in my lives.

This trophy, which generally seems to me personally one glass of classic drink, the bottles isn’t only multifaceted. Many faces can be their scent, work of art.

Magnetized, sexy, captivating and complex . Halva, overcast, ended up being bestowed with quite a few spices . 20 records for a great oriental aroma, hot, sweet, beautiful and spicy. Vodka, peach, raspberry, cinnamon, roses, carnation flower (I believe), fig leaf, sandalwood and tonka with a back ground incensed, crave is in the kind scent.

Sweet without getting cloying heated without getting used up Full-bodied without getting big alluring without getting vulgar Addictive! You’re gorgeous and ethereal. Each notice is a chord of my personal limitless love for your!!

If exaggerated, because passion is actually blind myself .

OH LA LA – Loris Azzaro

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