See Our Totally Free 10 Day Prayer Journal

See Our Totally Free 10 Day Prayer Journal

Strength Prayer Dear Lord, in some instances, life is so difficult and unjust per my personal human beings mind. It is not easy to see those individuals that do maybe not fear you prospering in life while unbelievers continue striving. Pops, my personal cardio is filled with envy due to the fact almost everywhere I turn, we read individuals who are not devoted to your thriving while we hold faltering. But I do not require to reside like this any longer. Help me to cease are envious and also to starting admiring the small that We have since you won’t ever shame me. In Jesus’ term, I think and hope, Amen.

Like Prayer Oh God, we reward my whole heart. I play praises to you nowadays. We praise you for you are the Lord, but you view the lowly. Father, i-come before their throne to inquire of one to greatest what deals with me personally. Help me to repair my eyes on Jesus that I may start seeing myself personally how you discover me and prevent being vulnerable. In Jesus’ label, I think and pray, Amen.

Render me an even more serious disclosure of your enjoy, dear Lord, that we rather than become envious of other folks

Changes My cardiovascular system Prayer eternal dad, the heart of jealousy try eating my life. I really don’t wanna live in this slavery any longer. We have enabled the opposing forces to lead me astray with mind of insecurity. Forgive myself, dad. Change my personal heart that i might manage to start to see the charm in every person and getting pleased on their behalf genuinely. Near any demonic gates that We have open within my life as a result of being envious. In Jesus’ title, I think and pray, Amen.

Self-esteem Prayer daddy Jesus, help me to never to getting jealous of other people. Lord, I know that I have a problem with jealousy because I am not confident in exactly who I am. Help me to to eliminate analyzing me in order to begin looking at Jesus who is my confidence. When stressed head beginning flooding my personal mind, Holy heart, point me personally back to Jesus that assist me to target him alone. Train myself how to be confident and rehearse me as a vessel to assist others which are experiencing envy in order to become self-confident. In Jesus’ label, I believe and pray, Amen.

Adjust My personal views to your own website Prayer King of magnificence, may my views comply with your own that every little thing i actually do or state are satisfying to you. Forgive myself for not grateful for all the blessings you’ve given me personally. Help me to discover satisfaction in you that I could overcome jealousy mind that flooding my personal notice every so often. If you’ll find any thinking of envy during my cardio, parent, push these to my personal attention that assist us to cope with all of them so as that I’m able to live a life that’s pleasing for you. In Jesus’ identity, I do believe and pray, Amen.

Forgiveness Prayer Gracious parent, sometimes we become I am most deserving than other people, so when points you shouldn’t get my ways, we turn out to be most jealous. In other cases I come to be enthusiastic about ideas of planning to being like somebody else, and this actually leaves me personally vulnerable. Forgive me, dear Lord, which help me to become a far better person. Let the bloodstream of your own son Jesus clean me personally through the aftereffects of envy that will you fill me with serenity, like and delight. In Jesus’ term, in my opinion and pray, Amen.

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Our 10 week prayer journal will show you during your day-to-day prayers and help you plan out your prayer month. It really is totally free. You’ll follow this link to get it now.

Peaceful center Prayer Father, grant me personally a peaceful cardiovascular system for i actually do n’t need getting a jealous individual any longer. If you have any ounce of ungodly envy within my heart, Lord, clean they out together with the blood of your son Jesus Christ. Eliminate everything in myself that creates us to burn with envy. Assist me to track down fulfillment within promises and not during the issues of your industry. In Jesus’ identity, in my opinion and pray, Amen.

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